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About Afflatus Wheat Grass JuiceWheat Grass is nature’s finest medicine. Many Herbal practitioners prefer intake of Wheat grass powder or juice because of its many basic components and trace elements with immense healing capacity. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient having immense benefits. The main components found in Afflatus Wheat Grass juice are- Vitamins – A,B,C & E Proteins & Amino Acids Enzymes Minerals – Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium & Selenium Chlorophyll AntioxidantsBenefits of Afflatus Wheat Grass Juice are: Vitamin A – It is useful for eyes & skin care. It cures night blindness, protects kidneys from stone formation, and prevents repetitive infections in ear, nose and throat. It is also useful for dry hairs, black round around the eyes & wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin B – Useful in digestive & nervous sytem diseases, appetisis, beriberi, mouth infection, aging, insomnia, mental health, the Litriel from B-17 helps in healing of wounds. Vitamin C – being a natural antibiotic, it helps in increasing immunity & sex disorders. It is also useful in the healing of wounds along with taking care of the health of teeth & gums. Vitamin E – Useful in various degenerative diseases like cancer, sugar and helps in the activation of regeneration system. It metabolizes lipids, provides energy, promotes sperm formation and treats the problems of potency & abortion.Afflatus Wheat Grass Juice Wheat Grass minerals:  Minerals are useful for the muscles and cells. It maintains Acid – Base balance. Uses of Wheat Grass minerals are-Calcium – Useful of health of bones, in old age bone density, growth of child. Useful in body swelling, bleeding, blood circulation, disquiet, varicose veins etc.Iron – Useful in blood formation in anemia, particularly in pregnancy, tiredness, sweating, laziness & sleeplessness. Sodium – Useful in digestion, body purification, maintaining acid- base balance & kidney stone inhabitation.Potassium – Useful in sleeplessness, high blood pressure, loss of memory, weakness, fearing, willingness of suicide, sex disorder, beauty problems and aging.Magnesium – It keeps intestine and muscles healthy, useful in hepatitis, late month cycle, dysentery, weakness of mind, teeth ache, smelling of stool, cold & indigestion.Zinc – It keeps hairs and prostate glands healthy. Selenium – Useful in various kinds of cancer.Afflatus Wheat Grass Juice Enzymes - There are various kinds of enzymes which are useful in various ways. It is a catalyst it activates the functioning of the parts of the body.Afflatus Wheat Grass Juice  proteins and amino acids – Proteins are important food ingredients on which generation of body cells and growth of body depends. Amino acids, plasma, hormones are formed. Muscle growth and power depends on protein. Beside these there are also some of un-investigated unknown factors found in the Wheat Grass which are useful for human body.Things need to be considered while consuming Afflatus Wheat Grass Juice The wheat Grass juice must be consumed fresh . The juice should always be taken on an empty stomach for the efficient absorption of the nutrients.

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