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Amaara Herbs Hibiscus Green Tea (25Dip)

Amaara Herbs


Amaara Herbs

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About Amaara Herbs Hibiscus Green TeaHibiscus Flower is known for its therapeutic advantages. It lowers blood pressure levels and reduces trigger-glycerides in blood. High level of Vitamin C adds a great antioxidant effect. This pure herb tea is best served when brewed hot. This hibiscus tea is a great alternative to your everyday harmful tea that contains addictive caffeine. Hibiscus holds natural goodness to health that normal tea or coffee does not. For a healthy living, adapt a lifestyle of Green Tea in life.Benefits  Boosts Metabolism & burns fat Supports Immune System Reduces stress Good for cold and cough Is rich in vitamins and minerals Enhances moodIngredients Hibiscus Flower Green TeaInstructions Brew Amaara Herbs Hibiscus Green Tea (1 teabag) in 150 ml of hot water. Brew tea bag for a longer time to enjoy more benefits of this herb tea. Perfect time to have this tea is in Morning. Store the product in a cool, dry place. Precautions Keep away from children. Store in a cool and dry place. Read the label carefully.

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