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Amway Artistry Hydrating Cleanser, 135 ml Refreshed




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Weight 135 ml
Type Refreshed
Concern Skin
Country of Origin USA
Product Code/UPC 14126IDO
Ideal For Female
Formula Liquid
Ingredients Natural
Suitable for Dry

The Amway Artistry Hydrating Cleanser is a healthy first step to skin care. Women’s beauty is defined by how beautiful and fresh their skin and face looks. This exfoliating cleanser deeply cleanses your pores and removes all the dirt and oil on your skin to give you a fresher and more glowing skin. This cleanser has a rich creamy texture and a soap free formula which cleans your skin without leaving any oily residue. This cleanser does not leave your skin dry as other cleansers do; instead it leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

With a new patented exfoliating patented technology this cleanser leaves your skin deeply nourished and hydrated. It works well of sensitive skin soothing it while also working as a moisturizer. The Amway Artistry Hydrating Cleanser is an amazing cleanser which does not let your skin dry as most other cleansers do but leaves it smooth and soft.

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