Buy Apollo Noni Enzyme Drops (20ml, Pack of 2) in Australia

Apollo Noni Enzyme Drops (20ml, Pack of 2)

Apollo Noni


Apollo Noni

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About Apollo Noni Enzyme/Noni Extracted Enzyme Apollo Noni Enzyme is the Pure Noni Extract or leaven of genuine Noni Fruit, which is medicinally the most effective variety of Morinda Citrifolia of the genus Morinda in the world. The extract is in a highly concentrated form so that a very small quantity will be sufficient at a time. Noni Enzyme Extract can penetrate the body cells rapidly, become   decomposed and help in the absorption of nutrients by the cells. It promotes micro-circulation and corrects the metabolism processes in the body, besides strengthening the self-defense ability of the cells. It enhances protein   utilization by the cells and protects against damages caused by toxic substances.Noni Contains xeronine, but more importantly, contains its precursor, the pro-xeronine, which is even more effective. Instead of giving our body the alkaloid, pro-xeronine allows the body to see how much xeronine is produced in order to expel the excess. In this way, the proteins of the body can better perform their functions.Indications of  Apollo Noni Enzyme/Noni Extracted Enzyme   Beneficial effects on ‘high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gastric ulcers, wounds, depression, arteriosclerosis, senility, pain relief.  Xeronine works as the best pain-killer endorphins acting on the body, making it insensitive to pain, produce feelings of euphoria. Experiments have found that not only has anti-pain effects but also sedatives.Ingredients of  Apollo Noni Enzyme/Noni Extracted Enzyme   Aal /   Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)Dosages of Apollo Noni Enzyme/Noni Extracted Enzyme   Pure Noni is supplied in 10 ml bottles with a filler-tube attached to the cap that replaces the tamper-proof metal seal and cap that comes with the product when purchased.  Use the filler-tube to take the extract from the bottle.  3 to 5 full tubes of noni leaven may be taken at a time, on empty stomach, between two cups of warm water.

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