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Aurohealth Garcinia Slimmer & Fat Burner (60caps)




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About Aurohealth Garcinia Slimmer & Fat BurnerGarcinia Slimmer & Fat Burner is a Scientifically backed formulation with 17 ingredients which supports healthy weight management.Most advanced FSSAI approved supplement AuroHealth Garcinia Cambogia Slimmer & Fat Burner guarantees weight loss: Quick and maximum weight reduction with the most effective fat burner which helps you shrink your waistline and shed excess body fat without much effort. It contains Irvingia also known as African Mango Nut which helps Melt Belly Fat, Suppresses Appetite, Lowers Blood Cholesterol and Boosts Breakdown of Fat. It contains Green Coffee Beans to stimulate glycogen to produce more muscle fuel and increase the energy level. Green Bean extract also cleans & detoxifies body, increases energy level and improves digestion.Powerful Appetite Suppressant and Carb blocker AuroHealth Garcinia Cambogia Slimmer & Fat Burner suppresses Appetite and prevents you from overeating: HCA from Garcinia and Irvingia promotes secretion of mood boosting hormone serotonin to help suppress appetite and reduce food cravings for hours to eliminate the urge for unhealthy junk food in emotional eaters.Clinically tested and proven Garcinia has zero side effects with no fillers, no nausea and no headache : Garcinia Cambogia, Irvingia, Green Coffee Bean and 14 other weight loss ingredients helps block production of citrate lyase, body’s fat producing enzyme which helps in Reducing Body Fat lowering Cholesterol Increasing Metabolism and Endurance, thereby providing numerous health benefits.Indications of Garcinia Slimmer & Fat Burner Helps in Increasing Metabolism Helps in Reducing Belly Fat and Suppressing Appetite Lowers CholesterolDosage of Garcinia Slimmer & Fat BurnerTake 2 capsules on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before each meal, with two glasses of water thrice a day or as directed by your healthcare professional.Precautions while using Garcinia Slimmer & Fat Burner Store in a cool,dry place.  Keep away from children's reach.  Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.  Consult your doctor before consumption if Pregnant/lactating. 

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