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BCP BAJAJ Amala Pachak (125g, Pack of 3)




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weight 375
About BCP BAJAJ Amala PachakAre you in trouble with your everyday problem of nausea? Oh! You are at the right product. BCP BAJAJ AMALA PACHAK is an immediate relief from Nausea. As the name suggests it is made from AMALA which is used as one of the most valuable ingredient in various medicines in India and the Middle East for better health and eyesight. Amala is rich in vitamin-C and also optimizes the physical performance.Made from natural ingredients and in a clean environment.Ingredients of BCP BAJAJ Amala PachakAmla(emblica officinals-fr.p),black salt(souvarchala lavana),safed namak(white salt),ajwayan(trachyspermum ammi-fr),soda bi-corb.(shwet sarjika xaar), nimbu sat(citric acid),kali mirch(piper nigrum-fr),piplamul (piper lungum-rz),pipal (piper lungum-fr),excipients q.s.Benefits of BCP BAJAJ Amala PachakAids in digestion, Rich in Vitamic C, Helps in burning the body fat, Improves the eye sight, Building a strong immune systemDosage of BCP BAJAJ Amala PachakAdults 1 to 2 tablets after meals, Children 1 tablet after mealsPrecaution for BCP BAJAJ Amala PachakUse under medical supervisionDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of reach of childrenRead the label carefully before useStore in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat

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