Buy Biotique Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream, 50 g For Normal To Dry Skin in Australia

Biotique Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream, 50 g For Normal To Dry Skin




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Weight 50 g
Type For Normal To Dry Skin
Concern Skin
Country of Origin India
Product Code/UPC 8906009451114
Formula Cream
Ingredients Natural
Suitable for Normal
The Biotique Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream is mixed with quince seed oil, Vitamin E and uncommon hydrating atoms to stir the skin to new freshness, smoothness and energetic versatility. It is especially helpful to prone skin sections, like contour of eyes, nose and neck.
The main ingredients of this cream include Bihidana (CydonaOblonga), Rai (Brassica nigra), Sarosn (Brassica Campestris), Surajmukhi (Helianthus annus oil), Lodhra (Symplooosracemosa), Kusumbhi (CarthmusTinctorius), and Cream base Q.S. The gel from the quince seed gives vital vitamins and minerals to support the skin. It is particularly useful for mature skin. Vitamin -E, Quince Seed and other home-grown concentrates give fundamental sustenance to the skin. General utilization of this massage cream gives a brilliant, smooth sparkle to the face. This massage cream is an ayurvedic product for skin care without any chemical mixture or ingredient. So it is safe to be applied on the skin. Massaging your face with a little amount of cream gives freshness and soft skin within seconds. It helps remove excess dryness of the skin and maintains balanced amount of oil on your skin. The product has the benefits of all the ayurvedic products and it guarantees amazing benefits after its regular use.

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