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Biotrex Apple Cider With Honey And Mother Vinegar (500ml)





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 Biotrex Apple Cider with Honey and Mother Vinegar  This product is made up of naturally fermented apple with the goodness of mother and honey. It helps in weight management and digestionIngredients in Biotrex Apple Cider with Honey and Mother Vinegar-Fermented apple juice with 5% acidic content mixed with 20% honey.  Action of Ingredient in Biotrex Apple Cider Honey and Mother Vinegar- Mother of apple cider vinegar increases its health benefits and honey also contributes additional health and medicinal benefits   Benefits of Biotrex Apple Cider with Honey and Mother Vinegar-  This product is unfiltered and unpasteurized  It may act as an energy booster   It may help in weight management  It may aid in digestion  It may be beneficial in managing blood sugar levels  It may act as an anti-inflammatory  Uses of Biotrex Apple Cider With Honey and Mother Vinegar-  Take 20ml of Biotrex apple cider with honey and mother of the vinegar and dilute it in a glass of water.  You can consume it twice in a day  This product can be added as a salad dressing  It can be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning     Storage Instructions of Biotrex Apple Cider Honey and Mother Vinegar-  Store it in a cool and dry place  Once the pack is open, refrigerate the product  Protect it from direct sunlight and moisture  After opening, consume the product within 45 days Precautions-  Keep it away from the children  Avoid consuming it directly without diluting the product in water  Do not consume it if seal is already broken Additional Information-  The presence of cloudy texture is due to the presence of mother in the product.  There are suspended food particles in the product and if these particles settle in the bottom then there is no need to filter.  

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