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Biotrex L-Threonine 500Mg Tablet (60tab)




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Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet   This product can be used to support liver functions   Ingredients in Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet- L-Threonine   Action of Ingredient in Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet-it can manage energy levels and support liver function.   Benefits of Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet-  It can be beneficial for people having a vegetarian diet  It can help to increase levels of important amino acids  It can help to maintain proper liver health  It can help to maintain healthy tissues  It can help in wound healing     Recommended Use of Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet-  Take this product according to your physician advice,or   Take 1 tablet daily   Storage Instructions of Biotrex L-Threonine 500mg Tablet - Store it in a cool and dry place  Store it in temperature below 30degree celsius  Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.   Precautions-  If you are pregnant or nursing take this supplement with proper medical advice  Keep it away from the reach of children, this product is for adults only. Consult the doctor if you have high blood pressure or PKU(phenylketonuria)  In case of any adverse reaction discontinue the use and consult the doctor.   Additional Information- This product does not intend to treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease.  

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