Buy Body Maxx PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20, Black 20 kg in Australia

Body Maxx PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20, Black 20 kg

Body Maxx


Body Maxx

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Color Black
Material PVC
Unit Pair
Weight 20 kg
Shape Round
Country of Origin India
Goal Muscle Tighten & Tone
Targeted Body Parts Arms,Chest,Shoulders

Workout In The Comfort Of Your Home With Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells Set BM Combo 20

  • With Body Maxx PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20, you get a combined weight of 20kgs with the PVC coated plates. 
  • The plates available include four 2kg plates and four 3kg plates to make it easy for you to adjust the weights. 
  • Two sets of 14-inch dumbbell rods are included in the Body Maxx PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20
  • Dumbell Rods come with a rubber grip to ensure safety and to prevent any chance of injury. 
  • Body Maxx PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20 allows you to secure the plates with nuts to prevent them from slipping off. 

About the Brand and Product

Sports Infra is a leading fitness equipment manufacturer and retailer in India. From Indoor gyms, outdoor gyms to children’s play equipment, their range includes a wide range of products to suit various requirements. Body Maxx creates products that are easy to install and ensure maximum safety. Their range of fitness equipment and accessories are made from high-grade construction material to ensure durability and prolonged use. Not only do they create the best products for home gym use, but they also provide premium for commercial use. 

Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells Set BM-Combo includes several pieces that help improve free weight training at home. This set comes with dumbbell rods and a combined weight of 20kgs with all the plates included in it. These plates are PVC coated to ensure that they are able to withstand rough use. Since these weights are adjustable, you can manage the intensity of training as well. Therefore, these dumbbells are perfect not only for your indoor home gym but can also be used by professionals in a commercial gym set up. They are designed for easy handling and also ensure maximum safety. 

How It Works and Benefits 

are the most effective and simple workout equipment. They allow you to add resistance to different movements to help you build muscle and get stronger. They are the perfect addition to your home gym as they are portable and easy to store. Using free weights is also highly recommended because they help you build stability and better core strength. 

Choosing this dumbbell combo by Body Maxx has several benefits as mentioned below: 

  • You have complete control over your training intensity: Training with a dumbbell set gives you the advantage of adjusting the intensity as per your requirement. So, it does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced level bodybuilder or athlete. This is a product that is versatile and perfect for just about anyone to use. The combo includes weight plates with a combined weight of 20kgs. This is divided between four plates of 2kgs and four plates of 3kgs. You can easily add or remove the weights depending upon the type of exercise or the level of training that you are currently at.  
  • These products last very long: When it comes to quality, Body Maxx makes no compromises with this dumbbell set. The plates are coated with PVC to make sure that you are able to use them every day without any wear or tear. The dumbbell rods are made from high-grade steel that is free from any rust. So, this set works perfectly for both. 
  • Safety is a priority with this combo: When you buy dumbbells set online, you need to make sure that it comes with standard safety guidelines. The rods of these dumbbells are standardised to 14 inches which helps you hold them securely when you are training. They also come with a rubber grip which prevents them from slipping out of your hands even when you are working with heavyweights. To secure the weight plates in place, you can screw on the nuts. This makes sure that the weights are stable and that you are able to perform the exercises safely.
  • Easy to use: The dumbbells are portable and easy for you to carry with you even when you are travelling. All you have to do is adjust the weight plates to suit your needs. The plates are easy to add and remove for maximum ease of use. This also ensures that you do not waste any time in between your sets adjusting your weights. 

How To Use 

Using this dumbbell set is very easy. Secure the plates on either side of the dumbbell rod using the screws. You can add or remove the weights as per your requirement. These dumbbells can be used to perform a variety of different movements such as chest press, weighted lunges, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and a lot more.

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