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Elcon Premium Noni Juice (1000ml)




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About Elcon Premium Noni JuiceElcon Premium Noni Juice is a refreshing mix of  Juices from the hills that is light, lively, and rich in antioxidants.The herbs used in this Juice are sourced with utmost care so that only the best comes to your kitchen.Sourced from one of the best products from natural sources to use in our Juices and there are no artificial additives for flavor or coloring.Benefits of Elcon Premium Noni JuiceRich in antioxidants that helps detoxify the bodyContains healthy bioactive compounds.May improve brain function.No added sugarNo added color or flavorHelps to reduce uric acid concentration in bloodBoosts energyMoisturises skinActs as anti ageing agentHelps in reducing scalp irritationEnhances body defense systemReleases stressHas antipyretic propertiesIngredients of Elcon Premium Noni JuiceNoni : This tree and its fruit grow among lava flows in Southeast Asia, especially in Polynesia. Polynesian peoples have used noni in traditional folk medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s commonly used to assist with health issues like constipation, infections, pain, and arthritisDirections for use of Elcon Premium Noni JuiceConsume directly or dilutedStorage of Elcon Premium Noni JuiceStore in Room Temperature, Away from Direct Sunlight and Moisture and In an Air-tight Container.

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