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FB Nutrition Immune Protein (400g)

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About FB Nutrition Immune ProteinSince 2001, Planet Nutrition Pvt Ltd has been proudly serving over 1,000,000 Indians, Providing the best in Sports Supplements at the lowest prices, we were the first on the block, shipping milk and egg protein to die-hard fitness bodybuilders back in the 1990’s. Since then, we have grown enormously thanks to our customer’s referrals to friends and colleagues. Although we have grown to become the largest provider of Sports supplements in India. we haven’t forgotten the importance of pleasing our customers one at a time. All of our orders are treated as customers, not boxes. We aim for 110% customer satisfaction every time.Ingredients of FB Nutrition Immune ProteinServing Sdize Per 30G (1 Scoop) Per 100G % RdaEnergy96 Kcal 320Kcal 0.03Protein*12G 40G 0.12Fat0.54G 1.8G **Sturated Fat0.33G  1.1G **Mono Unsturated Fat0.1275G 0.425G **Poly Unsturated Fat0.045G 0.15G **Trans Fat0G 0,0G ** Cholesterol0G 0.0G **Carbohydrates15.6G 52G **Sugar(Added)0G 0G **L-Lysine7.2Mg 24Mg **Vitamince6Mg 20Mg 0.15Zine Sulphate19.5Mg 65Mg 0.3Calostram15G 5G **Ashwagandha99Mg 330Mg **Curcumin49.5Mg 165Mg **Ginger Extract25.5Mg 88Mg **Piperine2.4Mg 8Mg **Cinnamon Extract25.5Mg 85Mg **protein blend”(60%)-(why protein concentrate ,skimmed milk powder ,colostrums cocoa powder ),aswagandha ,curcumin ginger extract xanthangum ,digestive enzyme ,vitamins & mineralsContanins added natural colour (s) (ins 150c),added flavor (permitted artificial flavor-chocalate) class 11 preservatives (ins 211 ,212 ,213)aca-551 & sucralose (cins 955) permitted artificial sweetener.Uses / Benefits of FB Nutrition Immune ProteinHealth and Immunity the most important things in the world today .introducing an immunity boosting protein which not only gives you the benefits of your muscles and the workouts but also make your stronger from the inside. With a combination of science and ayurveda with have created a product to help you with all your goals .the key ingredients such as vitamin-c ,curcumin ginger and ashwagandha are proved to have great benefits on the immune system,Dosage / How to use FB Nutrition Immune ProteinTake1 scoop 3 times in a day with 200ml milk of water or Read the description on the pack or as directed by physician.Precaution for FB Nutrition Immune ProteinUse under medical supervisionDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of reach of childrenRead the label carefully before useStore in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat

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