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Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes (140g)




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Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes   100% organic Chilli Flakes which is USDA certified   Ingredients in Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes Organic Chilli  Flakes Action of Ingredients in Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes Chilli flakes contain capsaicin that may help to keep the cells healthy     Benefits of Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes  Chilli Flakes may help to enhance the metabolism  It is beneficial if you are on a diet as it may make you feel less hungry  It may help to relieve inflammation  It is a good source of Vitamin A which can help to maintain the immune system   Use of Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes  It can be used in spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and sausages  It can be sprinkled over pizza and pasta   Storage Instructions of Geo-Fresh Organic Chilli Flakes  Store it in room temperature  Keep away from moisture  Keep in an airtight container   Additional Information This product is packed, sterilized under hygienic conditions  

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