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About GreenPik Enjoy With KahwaThe Original Taste From Kashmir. Welcome to the Taste of Cultural heritage with the benefits of Green Tea.Benefits of GreenPik Enjoy With Kahwa Increases the metabolism.  Improves your overall health. Helps in boosting the body defense system. Helps to boosts the energy.  Main Ingredients of GreenPik Enjoy With Kahwa GREEN TEA (Whole Leaf), ALMONDS, CINNAMON, CLOVE, GINGER, GREEN CARDAMOM.  About GreenPikIndia Has Been Home To All Kinds Of Herbs Which Have Acted As “Sanjeevani” And Benefited Man Kind With Their Unique Characteristics. Every Herb Is Unique. They Facilitate And Help Humans Maintain The Equilibrium Of Their Body And Detox. GreenPik Now Presents To You The Unique And Amazing Combination Of Green Tea Leaves Enriched, Blended And Infused With Natural Herbs Which Are Known To Benefit Man Kind From Thousands Of Years. And We Have Known Them For Thousands Of Years And Now The Herbs Blended With Green Teas Make Way For The Special Teas.  The Wide Range Of Herbal Teas, Immunity Teas, Immunity Builders, Detox Teas, Special Teas Such As Digestion, Flower Teas And Fruit Infusion Teas.  Its Just A Step Forward To A Better And Healthier Life.Each Blend Has A Unique Feature And Benefit Us In Their Own Unique Way. It’s A Move Towards A Healthier Life Style By Just Replacing Our Very Own Morning And Evening Drink With The Green Tea Infused With Herbal Teas And Range Of Herbs. And We Have Green Teas Infusions Which Can Facilitate Our Healthy Living. It's Just A Step Forward To A Better And Healthier Life. We All Are Now Aware About The Benefits Of Herbs And The Green Teas. And Combining The Knowledge Of Two Vast Subjects Can Help Us In Many Ways. Thus Each Product Be Comes Unique With Unique Characteristics. How to use GreenPik Enjoy With Kahwa As per instructed on the pack. Precautions while taking GreenPik Enjoy With Kahwa Store during a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture.  Avoid direct sunlight. 

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