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KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05), Black Small




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Enjoy Superior Cushioning for Heavy Workouts with KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05)

  • KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05) is made from highly breathable and flexible material that ensures dry skin and absolute comfort.
  • Superior crafting with dual stitching details promises enhanced resilience.
  • The KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05) are technologically designed using the anatomical pad system design that is instrumental in grip strengthening.
  • The curved finger and cut palm design promotes natural hand movement.
  • The high-grade mesh fabric of the KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05) allows ventilation and breathability keeping the skin dry, thus preventing painful blisters and calluses.


Benefits of KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05)

Weight lifting is a high-intensity sport. Weight lifting gloves from KOBO, the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment and support gear, understand the needs of the game and have crafted unique KOBO gym gloves that promise unmatched protection and comfort during weight lifting. Below are the benefits that make KOBO gym gloves the best workout gloves:

  • Ideal for high-intensity weight lifting: The gym hand gloves are crafted from high-quality flexible material. This provides comfort, support, and protection to hands during high-intensity workout sessions.
  • Hygienic: Made from high-grade Amara leather, the KOBO gym gloves are completely washable. The feature thus ensures that the gloves remain absolutely clean after each use and are without any sweat, germs or foul smell.
  • Easy wearing and removal: The stretchable material not only allows easy wearing and removal, but also promises the perfect fit required for efficient outcomes. The curved finger and cut palm design supports natural hand movement.
  • Superior material for great support: While the high-grade mesh fabric promotes breathability and ventilation keeping the hands dry, the anatomical pad system design provides a better grip. The dual stitching further increases buoyancy and resilience required during the sport.
  • Appealing look and comfortable wear: The palm area of the gym gloves is adequately cushioned and padded providing the required support. The outer layers are crafted from leather that makes the KOBO gym gloves attractive and appealing.


Variants of the KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves (WTG-05)

The KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves come in striking black and vibrant blue shade. To ensure that the weight lifting gloves confer a perfect fit, one can choose between four sizes – Small, Medium, Large and XL.


How To Use?

The KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves are extremely easy to use. The gloves come with right hand and left-hand indication. Just wear the glove in the indicated hand and tighten the wrist band. It has an easy pull-off system for easy removing.


Where to Buy?

is the one-stop shop that fulfills all your needs for sports equipment and fitness supplements. With best deals and discounts, one is sure to get the best price for gym gloves at . You also enjoy loyalty points, easy and timely home delivery and convenient return option. Loyalty points can be redeemed during subsequent purchases to avail additional discounts.



Why do weightlifters need gym gloves?

Weight lifting involves picking up heavyweights. that offer a perfect fit and comfort allows the weight lifter the keep a better hold on the weight. Technologically designed gloves also offer a great grip, thus meeting exercise requirements and helping in achieving the desired results.

Can weight lifting gloves help prevent painful blisters and calluses?

Blisters and calluses are caused by friction between hands and sports equipment. The condition is extremely painful. But with proper weight lifting gloves, especially those with adequate padding and cushioning, the condition can be avoided completely. It is important that the gym gloves are made from material that is breathable, keeping the skin dry and properly ventilated at all times.

How long should I wash my hands after removing weight lifting gloves?

A vigorous hand wash for twenty seconds is recommended after removing the weight lifting gloves. One must also use a hand sanitizer after washing and drying hands.

How should clean my weight lifting gloves?

Weight lifting gloves are usually sterilized. However, some weight lifting gloves like KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves are made from washable material and can thus be washed after every use. 

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