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Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special Chyawanprash (1kg)




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About  Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special ChyawanprashMeghdoot Special Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic remedy which has various health benefits. Enriched with the natural ingredients such as Amla, Vanshlochan, Kesar and Cloves, it helps in reducing Vitamin deficiencies and also improves immunity. It is also effective in improving memory. Based on the Ayurvedic formulation, it can be suitably used by men and women of all groups.Indications of  Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special Chyawanprash Useful in asthma and bronchitis Provides effective relief from cough and cold Helps in heart related diseases Helps in reducing Vitamin deficiencies Helps in improving memoryIngredients of  Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special Chyawanprash Amla Vanshlochan Kesar Cloves CardamomDosage of  Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special ChyawanprashTake 5 to 10g of prash with lukewarm milk, water or honey in the morning and at night. Dosage should be directed by the physician. Precautions of  Meghdoot Ayurvedic Special Chyawanprash Keep away from children's reach. Do not over dose the medicine. Self medication is not recommended.  Store in dry and cool place. Close medicine cap tightly after every use. Keep medicine in original package and container.

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