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MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000, 22 lb Triple Chocolate Brownie




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Weight (kg) 10.0 kg
Price per kg 933.3 Rs/kg
Number of Servings 20
Serving Size 499 g
Calories per Serving 1830
Carb per Serving 384 g
Protein per Serving 63 g
Protein Carb Ratio 1/6
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Carb % per Serving 77.0 %
Weight 22 lb
Flavour Triple Chocolate Brownie
Country of Origin US
Packaging Bucket
Brand Origin International
Form Powder
Goal Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Weight Bucket 22.0 lb
Flavor Base Chocolate
Serving Bucket 10-20
Calorie Bucket Above 1000
Product Code/UPC 631656709551
Lifestage Adult
Gender Men
Kcal 1830
Protein 17 g
Carbs 384 g
Glutamic acid 10.4 g

Monstrous Gains with MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000


  • The unique formula of MuscleTech Weight Gainer provides you with 80g of 100% pure whey protein in every serving (6 scoops).
  • For faster gains, get 2260 calories in every serving of this mass gainer. 
  • 10g of Creatine in every serving of MuscleTech Gainer gives you extreme energy and endurance for strenuous training. 
  • Maximum nutrient and energy supply is guaranteed with 400g of carbs in each serving.  
  • Fortified with 8.2g of Leucine, MuscleTech Mass Tech helps muscles recover faster from strenuous training. 


Benefits of MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 

A combination of whey protein powder and high calorie levels makes this one of the in India. Some benefits of choosing this product are as follows:

  • Reliable protein source: This mass gainer contains 80g of 100% pure whey protein in every serving of 6 scoops. These fast and slow acting proteins provide sustained nutrition to muscles to aid faster muscle synthesis and development. MuscleTech ensures zero inferior proteins in this mass gainer. 
  • Enhanced calorie intake: To support the calorie intake required for mass gaining, this provides 2260 calories and 400g of carbs in every serving. This is the best whey protein because of its unique 5 in 1 formula which provides nutrient rich calorie intake. 
  • Supports long training hours: To ensure more endurance, this MuscleTech gainer also contains 10g of creatine. Creatine helps improve ATP production in the body to keep you feeling energized through you training regime. 
  • Improves rate of recovery: This MuscleTech Protein supplement includes 8.2g of leucine which is one of the most abundant BCAAs in the body. As a result, your muscles get the fuel that they need in order to recover faster even after the most grueling training session. 
  • Fortified with micronutrients: This mass gainer protein also includes 20 vitamins and minerals which help trigger several biochemical processes in the body. It also helps prevent any deficiencies and bridges any nutritional gap in your diet. A good intake of micronutrients also helps you stay more energetic through the day.


Variants of MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme

MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme is available in several sizes including 6lb, 7lb and 22lb jars. Besides the size variants, MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 also comes in two delectable  of flavors, namely: 

  • Triple Chocolate Brownie 
  • Vanilla Milkshake


How to Use 

Mix ½ serving (3 scoops) with 250-300ml of water and blend well. Consume it twice each day. You can also consume it with milk for better calorie intake. The best time to take this supplement is first thing in the morning, in between your meals or immediately after your workout. 


Where to Buy 

The best option to purchase this whey protein in India is online on . You can enjoy exclusive discounts and loyalty points as well. also delivers the products to your doorstep within 7 business days of placing the order.  



  • What is a mass gainer supplement? 

A mass gainer protein provides you with a high calorie supplement. This gives you a convenient source of calories when you need to increase the intake in order to gain mass faster. 


  • Why choose MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme? 

MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme comes with a unique 5 in 1 formula which includes ingredients proven to aid muscle building. This includes proteins, carbs, creatine, , vitamins and minerals. 


  • Who should use a mass gainer? 

Individuals who require an extremely high calorie intake in order to gain mass may consider a mass gainer supplement. These individuals are called hard gainers and have a very high metabolism. This supplement also suitable for those who want to gain mass fast in a short period of time. 


  • Does this supplement boost training ability? 

By promoting higher energy levels and better recovery rate, this supplement does support intense training.


  • When to use a mass gainer? 

You can consume a mass gainer early in the morning, in between meals or after your workout.

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