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NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds (150g)




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NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds   Muskmelon seeds can be added to the diet in several ways and it gives several health benefits   Ingredients present in NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds Muskmelon Seeds   Nutrients present in NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds Muskmelons seeds are rich in vitamins, calcium and zinc and they are rich in proteins   Benefits of NatureWell Muskmelon seeds  It may help to manage the bone health and density  It may help to manage the blood sugar levels  It may help to manage the digestive process  It may aid in weight management   Use of NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds  It may be added to bakery goods  It can be added on the top of salads  It can be added to curries   Storage of NatureWell Muskmelon Seeds  Read the label carefully before use  Store in a cool and dry place  Protect from direct heat, light, and moisture  Seal the jar after every use              

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