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About Nutriorg Honey Gift PackNutriorg Honey Gift Pack contains a collection of nutriorg’s three most popular variety of honey.Nutriorg Certified Organic Honey is 100% Pure and unadulterated. Honey maintains blood sugar levels. It helps to heal wounds and used as antiseptic. It helps in weight loss and is a good source of energy. It is a good substitute of sugar.Certified Organic High Altitude Honey : This is 100% natural and organic certified. It is smooth, aromatic & irresistibly delicious while being a natural source of energy. Sustainably collected from the himalayan wild forests by apis dorsata laboriosa, the himalayan honey bee, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance( and are never sprayed with chemicals).Certified Organic Forest Honey : Collected from the Deep Forest located near Valley of flower West Himalaya Uttarakhand, This is 100% Pure and Unadulterated and good source of energy. Honey is great for weight management when it combines with nutriorg Apple CiderVinegar.Certified Organic Jamun Honey : Black plum is very famous fruit in India where it is well known as Jamun and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Jamun Honey is sourced from bees that feed and forage primarily on wild forest Jamun blossoms. It is collected from Dudua National Park & Sunderbans and harvested in June/July when the flowers blossom.Jamun honey possesses the essence of Jamun flora in its divine form.This gift pack contains the following products- Organic High altitude Honey-50gms Organic Forest Honey-50gms Organic Jamun Honey-50gmsBenefits of Nutriorg Honey Gift PackNutriorg Certified Organic Honey is 100% Pure and unadulterated. Honey maintains blood sugar levels. It helps to heal wounds and is used as antiseptic.It helps in weight loss and is a good source of energy. It is a good substitute of sugar.About NutriorgWe are an enterprise under the name of Rattan Organic Foods Private Limited started with the urge of promoting healthy eating as natural as possible to lead a fitter and holistic lifestyle. We aligned our vision of living healthy by coming up with healthy products cultivated in the most organic way without the use of any pesticides or toxins monitoring the entire process under our watchful eyes. We firmly believe living healthy and disease- free is everybody’s prerogative and we are trying to achieve the same end with small baby steps.Our aim is to reach out to the maximum number of people with healthier alternatives compared to conventional products which are laden with hazardous toxins. Our efforts are to keep our products as close to nature as possible while maintaining high standards of product quality.Directions for use of Nutriorg Honey Gift PackUse for cooking or consumptionStorage of Nutriorg Honey Gift PackStore in Room Temperature, Away from Direct Sunlight and Moisture.

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