Buy Oolong Wulong Herbal Tea - Beneficial Everyday Tea (20 Tea Bags) in Australia

Oolong Wulong Herbal Tea - Beneficial Everyday Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Triple Leaf Teas


Triple Leaf Teas

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20 Tea Bags


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Brand Triple Leaf Teas
Product Weight 4 OZ
Number Of Servings 20 Servings
Serving Size 1 Teabag
Form Tea Bags
SKU Supplements
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 0.0 N/A*
Total Fat 0.0 G 0% %
Sodium 0.0 Mg 0% %
Total Carbohydrate 1.0 G 0% %
Sugars 0.0 G N/A*
Protein 0.0 N/A*

WuLong Tea - Beneficial Everyday Tea- Smooth, Mellow and Fragrant Flavor- Delicious Hot or Iced

Triple Leaf Tea's Ancient Chinese Herbs & Teas

Traditional Chinese herbology began in approximately 2500 B.C. Recently here in the West, people have dicovered the value of this ancient system. Tea drinkers are able to enjoy a wider variety of Chinese herbs and teas that rarely were used in the West until now. The Chinese system of herbology has been recorded in ancient texts, which are studied and employed even today. This time tested knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation over the centuries.

Triple Leaf Tea comes from such a tradition. It is made in the U.S.A by a Chinese American family-owned business. The company owner can remember stories of his own grandfather selling herbs and teas in his village in China. Today these traditional Chinese herbs and teas are available to you. We wish you harmony and health.

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