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Organic Wellness Turmeric Powder (100g)

Organic Wellness


Organic Wellness

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About Organic Wellness Turmeric PowderOrganic Wellness Zeal Turmeric Powder with 5% natural curcuminoids has more Curcumin content than most commonly available variants. Rich in Curcumin, it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and especially useful in arthritis relief. Curcumin also lowers the risk of heart disease, delays ageing and improves brain functions. It is a daily use supplement that can do wonders to your health with regular use. Indications of Organic Wellness Turmeric Powder Supports healthy inflammation response and health joints. Improves your blood and liver functions. Regulates skin health and improved digestionDosage of Organic Wellness Turmeric Powder Can be used in different foods and dishes in the desired amount.

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