Buy Pharma Science Body Gainer Herbal Supplement Powder (100g) in Australia

Pharma Science Body Gainer Herbal Supplement Powder (100g)

Pharma Science


Pharma Science

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About Pharma science Health Gainer Herbal Supplement PowderBody Gainer - Product Of Pharma science Bealth Gainer is a Trademark, GMP, Halal and ISO Certified product. This is made up of precious and rare herbs. Bealth gainer is not only ordinary beight gaining product but also works according to its name which helps improves entire health and develops body capabilities incredibly. As a result, it helps manage your stamina, energy level, and acts as a helping hand for your immune system.Ingredients Purely Ayurveda No Side Effect This supplement is purely an Ayurveda supplement which is very good for health. The plus point of this supplement is that it does not contain any creatine, any steroids and it does not give any bad effect on your any body part. All the ingredients of this supplement are purely Ayurvedic and it contains all herbal plants like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Singhara, Swet Jeera, Kala Jeera, Nimbu Satva and Mishri Benefits Body gainer is easy to digest and helps you gain weight to attain your body building & fitness goals. If you are looking to build up an attractive body having proper shape and wants to build up muscles They Help You To Build Proper Muscles With Great Looking Shape And Make You Stronger And FitHow to useAbout 2 to 3 grams of health gainer has to be taken twice in a day (morning and evening) with water after an hour taking the meal. The intake of health gainer is strictly prohibited for age group of below 14 year and for the age group from 14 to 18 years only (1-2) gm quantity of product should be consumedPrecautionsDo not take any type of intoxicants during the use of Health gainer Do not consume Health gainer if there is any liver related disorder such as jaundice, ulcer, liver psoriasis, and people suffering from diseases like sugar and sickle cell anemia also do not eat it. Note- Generally by use of health gainer any adverse effect is not noticed, but due to use of Health Gainer the appetite goes to higher that's why sometime some people body heat increased due to which a small amount of red rashes comes out on the body. In such a situation, stop eating it for a few days in about 1 to 2 weeks these red rashes are automatically cured.

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