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length 20
width 14
height 1.5
weight 550
About Raja Khatta AamKhatta Aam  is a sweet sour, yellow, customary Indian snack made from the pulp of mango. The king of fruits is consumed in India in many ways and aam papad  is one of them. This sweet looks like a puff pastry with layers of flaky fruit leather. The pulp of mango is mixed with concentrated sugar and sun dried on trays to create layers. This dish is preserved and it can be enjoyed long after the mango season is over. TasteRaja Khatta Aam tastes sweet and sour with a prominent mango flavor that lingers.Health Benefits Mango is the richest source of most important vitamins (A, C, B, E, K), minerals, phyto- nutrients. Mango fruit has antioxidant compounds and lots of enzymes. It is the rich source of potassium which involves in regulating the blood circulation thus the heart rate. Its antioxidant nature prevents the onset of early skin ageing and pigmentation by protecting from the harmful free radicals. It is the richest source of the vitamin A which helps in maintaining the proper eyesight.

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