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Raja Shahi Mix Mouth Freshner (400g)





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Raja Shahi Mix Mouth FreshnerThe Raja Shahi Mix Mouth Freshner has a luxurious rich aroma and has delightful taste. It’s a perfect after-meal mouth freshener.Mouth fresheners are a hit with just about everyone!Be tension free from the quality of product because it has no harmful ingredients made of natural ingredients. So any one can eat from a child to the old ones without any hassle. Contains only soft chew-able ingredients so no issue of tooth paining.Contains Betel Nut, Saunf, Silver Leaves, Aroma Spices, Sugar, Menthol.Benefits of Shahi Mix Mouth Freshner Fennel seeds (Saunf) are generally eaten for the taste but also very healthy owing to the nutrition value attached to it. Betel nut is actually a substance chewed by huge numbers of people throughout the world. Traditionally, betel nut was regarded as useful to oral hygiene, appetite as well as saliva production. Fennel is a symbol of strength and longevity. It was also believed by ancient Greeks to increase one’s courage. Apart from being used for adding flavor, it is also used for various health benefits that are derived from its anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are essential to curb unwanted free radical reactions in the body. Anti-cavity Effect: Betel nut might have anti-bacterial effects, also it formerly was included like a toothpaste component to prevent cavities, in accordance with InteliHealth. Dry Mouth Relief: Individuals who chew betel nut have a tendency to create considerable amounts of saliva, in accordance with InteliHealth. Fennel contains several essential nutrients, which helps to improve vision. The antioxidants and amino acids in fennel juice rejuvenate the eyes.

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