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Shadani Mix Fruit Candy (230g)




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length 5.5
width 5.5
height 14.5
weight 60
About Shadani Mix Fruit Candy  Satisfy your taste buds with these mix flavored candies by Shadani. These candies are just not delicious but holds a numerous health benefits too.Fight with depression: Candies are filled with some components that can act as antidepressants. By adding our delicious Mix Fruit Candy in your diet, you can fight with depression and improve your mood as well. When you are depressed, give a treat to yourself with these candies. Restore willpower: If you are going to face some challenges and difficulties, a small shot of sweets can make you focus well. So, our Mix Fruit Candy is an ideal pick for you if you are willing to restore your willpower. Benefits of Shadani Mix Fruit Candy Aids digestion and elimination Soothes and calms the stomach and digestive tract Supports the immune system Increases the utilization of protein and other nutrients for building muscle Increases nutritional value of foods by assuring nutrients from food are absorbed by the body Helps maintain healthy functioning of the intestinal tract Promotes longevity Promotes normal tone in the digestive tractIngredients of Shadani Mix Fruit Candy Sugar Pure spices Natural Color Natural herb FruitDirections for Usage of Shadani Mix Fruit Candy The shadani Mix Fruit Candy are a perfect after-meal digestive and can be consumed any other time of the day we well.  

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