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SKSB Garlic Lemon Ginger Syrup Rose Flavour (525ml)




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About SKSB Garlic Lemon Ginger SyrupThe Herbal Health Drink/Syrup is a blend of juices extracted from freshly procured Garlic, Lemon and Ginger added with imported Apple Cider Vinegar made by Heinz USA mixed with export quality premium Acacia (Keekar) honey.The Drink/Syrup is waterless, preservativeless, without the use of artificial flavors. The combined goodness of the ingredients helps in keeping the energy levels high apart from helping in unblocking heart arteries, controlling high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, arthritis, cough & cold, constipation. Apple Cider Vinegar may help to restore the low acidic levels in stomach, thus improving digestion. It also helps in reducing acidity and bloating.Benefits of SKSB Garlic Lemon Ginger Syrup Formulated without artificial colors, without preservatives and water Boosts energy Helps in relieving cold and cough Improves digestion Reduces acidity and bloatingDosage of SKSB Garlic Lemon Ginger Syrup Take 15 ml syup and mix with 100 ml lukewarm water. Drink empty stomach daily in the morning.Precautions while using SKSB Garlic Lemon Ginger Syrup For better results, do not drink or eat within 60 minutes after drinking this syrup. Use the bottle within 45 days after opening. If pregnant, consult your doctor before consuming this.

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