Buy Sri Sri Tattva Ojasvita Malt Sachet (15g) in Australia

Sri Sri Tattva Ojasvita Malt Sachet (15g)

Sri Sri Tattva


Sri Sri Tattva

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About Ojasvita Malt Sachet Ojasvita is a unique health drink for all ages. The uniqueness of the product is the composition which includes seven excellent herbs, traditionally known as per Ayurveda to contribute towards ‘Ojas’ or vitality of an individual. Ojasvita contains the Power Of 7 Herbs namely: Ashwagandha: Builds Immunity Brahmi: Develops Mental functioning Bringaraj: Rejuvenates System Jyotismathi: Develops Memory  Kali Musali: Gives Strength Satavari: Nourishes Body Shankapushpi: Increases EnergyIngredients of Ojasvita Malt sachet Malt, Drinking Chocolate, Milk Solids, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Flavour. Benefits A great supplement drink to boost immunity improves mental capability rejuvenates systemsPrecautions Store in a dry and cool place Do not directly expose to the sunlight

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