Buy Tara Nutricare Enerzi Xtreme Powder Orange (650g) in Australia

Tara Nutricare Enerzi Xtreme Powder Orange (650g)

Tara Nutricare


Tara Nutricare

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Flavor Orange
length 12
width 12
height 17.5
weight 650
About Tara Nutricare Enerzii Xtreme:Tara Nutricare Enerzii Xtreme is an advanced mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates that gives an immediate burst and then a long-lasting sustained release of energy. It is highly helpful during a workout or a training session as it offers a lasting release of energy which enhances strength and improves the quality & the duration of a workout session.TNC Enerzii Xtreme is coupled with a few of the very best performance-enhancing amino acids and glucuronolactone. Combined with these, it comes with an electrolyte solution to raise energy levels. TNC Enerzii Xtreme has been carefully developed to ensure that it makes the perfect hypotonic solution which is the key for rehydration & energy generation.It mixes instantly into the water bottle and will be one of the most favorite drinks during exercise or training sessions, especially for endurance athletes.Uses of Tara Nutricare Enerzii Xtreme: Helps in regenerating the energy Keeps the body recharged & hydrated during a training session Enhancing the quality of a workout sessionIngredients: L-Arginine Maltodextrin Sucralose Fructose Dextrose L-tyrosine Taurine Sodium chloride Sodium citrate Di-calcium phosphate Magnesium sulfate Potassium chlorideActive ingredients: Electrolytes: Sodium: 25.0 mmol/L Potassium: 6.7 mmol/L Citrate: 3.3 mmol/L Chloride: 21.7 mmol/LNutritional Value:PROFILE               Per Serving (50g)                Per 100 GramsEnergy                              193.5 Kcal                             387.0 KcalProtein                                  0.80 g                                        1.60 gCarbohydrate                  47.57 g                                        95.14 gFat                                            Nil                                         NilL-arginine powder         200.0 mg                             400.0 mgl-tyrosine powder          100.0 mg                             200.0 mgTaurine powder                500.0 mg                                  1000.0 mgHm maltodextrin              39.47 g                                 78.94 g Fructose                             2.90 g                                         5.80 g Dextrose                            5.20 g                                  10.40 g  Glucoronolactone        100.0 mg                                200.0 mg Calcium                                 44.10 mg                                 88.20 mg  Magnesium                          20.2 mg                               40.4 mg Features: It helps in regenerating the energy during a workout session. It helps in keeping the body recharged & hydrated during a training session. It helps in enhancing the quality of a workout session. 100% genuine productInstructions: Add 50 grams of Tara Nutricare Enerzii Xtreme in 500 ml water and drink it before or during a workout or training session for the best results. If your physical exercise or sport demands a longer duration, you can mix 10g of TNC ENERZII Xtreme per 100 ml water basis e.g. 100g into 1-liter water.Precautions: This product is intended to be used before or during a workout session only. Do not use this product after a workout session. Consult a dietician before using this product. If a serious illness or a medical condition is going on, consult your doctor before using this. Pregnant & lactating women should consult their doctor before using this.Additional information: Do not refrigerate Seal it tightly & keep it in a cool, dry place & away from children Results may vary with lifestyle and diet adopted. Depending upon the lighting and screen resolution, the colour of the product may slightly vary.

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