Buy Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme Powder Vanilla (1kg) in Australia

Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme Powder Vanilla (1kg)

Tara Nutricare


Tara Nutricare

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Flavor Vanilla
length 14
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weight 1000
About Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme:Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme is produced using high-quality whey protein concentrate which is manufactured by ultrafiltration and spray dried technology. It packs all essential amino acids that promote growth & maintenance of muscle mass. TNC WHEY XTREME offers 65 grams of protein, 18 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and 14 grams of glutamine per 100grams of product.This supplement is ideal for gym trainers, bodybuilders and active individuals who are looking to meet their daily protein requirements. TNC WHEY XTREME is fortified with optimum quantities of Zymate DF multi-enzyme complex of protease, amylase, fungal lactase, lipase and cellulase which helps in easy digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, lactose, lipids, and cellulose. Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme also contains Actamide to enhance the bioavailability of whey protein.For best results take 2-3 servings daily. Take 30g in 200ml water or low-fat milk, one at breakfast, one 15-20 minutes before your training and once again immediately after your training session. It is available in 2 sizes and 2 flavours, Chocolate & Vanilla.Uses of Tara Nutricare Whey Xtreme: Promotes muscle mass development Enhances muscle quality Increases weight & overall massIngredients: Whey protein concentrate Maltodextrin Xanthan gum Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose Sucralose(Sweetener) Natural colour Natural identical flavoursNutritional Value:Typical Values Per 100g        30g (%)RI*Energy 400Kcal       120kcal         6&Protein 65g 19.5g 24%Carbohydrate 25g 7.8g 0.006%Fat 4.0g 1.2g .04%(of which saturated) 2.8g 0.8g 0.2%Features: It promotes muscle mass development in the body. It enhances muscle quality by providing an ample amount of protein to the muscles. It helps in increasing weight & overall body mass. It promotes the growth of muscles. It helps in gaining weight. 100% genuine productInstructions: Take 30g (1 levelled scoop) in 200ml water or low-fat milk and take it 2-3 times daily, based on your goals and dietary requirements. Take one at breakfast, one before your workout session & one immediately after for best results.Precautions: Consult a dietician before using this product. If a serious illness or a medical condition is going on, consult your doctor before using this. Pregnant & lactating women should consult their doctor before using this.Additional information: Do not refrigerate Available in 2 flavours & 2 sizes Seal it tightly & keep it in a cool, dry place & away from children Results may vary with lifestyle and diet adopted. Depending upon the lighting and screen resolution, the colour of the product may slightly vary.

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