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TrustHerb Chia Seed   Chia seeds give an immense amount of nutrients with very few calories   Ingredients in TrustHerb Chia Seed Chia seeds  Action of Ingredients in TrustHerb Chia Seed Chia seeds loaded with nutrients that can deliver many health benefits   Benefits of TrustHerb Chia Seed  Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants that can help to stabilize free radicals in the body  It has a high soluble fiber content that can help to manage gut health  Chia seeds have high protein quality  It may aid in weight management  It may help to manage blood sugar levels    Uses of TrustHerb Chia Seed  Chia seeds can be added water, juices, smoothies.  It can be added to cereals and puddings  It can be used in bakery goods   Storage Instructions of TrustHerb Chia Seed  Store it in room temperature  Keep away from direct sunlight  Keep in an airtight container          

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