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 About Vitro I Am Slim Garcinia+ Juice Super Slim Care Garcinia + Juice  is a natural weight loss formula formulated with 9 wonderful herbs. Along with miracle ingredients like aloe vera and gudmar, it helps in blocking fat production and is useful in reducing belly fat. People can depend on it to lower cholesterol levels and blood triglycerides. Benefits/Uses of Vitro I Am Slim Garcinia+ Juice 1) Garcinia (Kokum) juice is not only delicious but it also has several health benefits. It possesses a rather unique chemical called HCA (Hydroxy citric acid), which functions as an appetite suppressant. Along with the fiber found in the fruit that makes us feel full, the HCA in the fruit also keeps us satisfied. The hydroxyl citric acid constituent in kokum aids in weight loss. It suppresses fatty acids and induces weight loss. It energizes the body and helps to lose extra fat. Ayurvedic physicians have long used kokum to treat sores, prevent infection, improve digestion, alleviate diarrhea and constipation, lessen arthritis pain, cure ear infections and heal stomach ulcers. Normally, in our body excess carbohydrates or calories are converted into cholesterol or fat and they are stored in the adipose tissue. This makes people gain weight. Kokum contains an active ingredient called hydroxy citric acid. It promotes the burning of fat. Kokum also promotes the metabolism in the body which further enhances its weight reduction capabilities. 2) Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera contains natural anti-oxidants that slow the growth of free radicals in the body. It is also scientifically proven to helps to increase the metabolism and reduce Body Mass Index (BMI) by helping the body turn carbohydrates and fats into energy rather than storing them.  3) Grape - Grapes offer a modest amount of dietary fiber, a nutrient linked to weight loss. Grapes serve as a natural source of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that also have weight loss benefits. 4) Gudmar - It contains a number of compounds, such as acidic glycosides and anthraquinones and is also used to regulate the weight of the body. 5) Makandi - It helps to boost testosterone, build lean muscle mass, useful in weight loss and helps in decreasing the fatigue and appetite. 6) Green Coffee – Green coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids support the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean in a couple of different ways. It promotes balanced blood sugar by inhibiting the release of glucose within the body. Chlorogenic acids boost the metabolic output of the liver, which burns fat. This mechanism works to support lean body mass by hindering the absorption of fat and weight gain. 7) Ginger - Ginger can target the main reasons that belly fat accumulates, such as overeating, hormonal changes and low energy leading to lack of exercise. As a natural appetite suppressant, consuming ginger is one of the best ways to aid in the weight loss process. 8) Cardamom – Kapha one of three main doshas is reason for weight gain. Vitiated Kapha increases body fat, slows down metabolism and impairs digestion. All these facts contribute to weight gain. Cardamom has property of normalizing Kapha and reverses all the above mentioned process. This contributes to weight loss. 9) Methi Seed - The low carbohydrate content in fenugreek seeds makes them ideal for weight loss. Fenugreek does not contain unhealthy carbs. This prevents unnecessary weight gain. The seeds are very rich in fibers. High fiber content increases the metabolic rate which triggers fat burning. This is especially good for losing weight around the belly.  Ingredients of Vitro I Am Slim Garcinia+ Juice Methi Seed. Cardamom. Ginger. Green Coffee. Makandi. Aloe Vera. Grape. Gudmar. Garcinia (Kokum).Dosage of Vitro I Am Slim Garcinia+ JuiceTake 1 teaspoon twice a day or as directed by your physician.Precautions to be taken while using Vitro I Am Slim Garcinia+ JuiceKeep in a cool and dry place.Keep away from the sight of children. 

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