Buy Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet (60tab, Pack of 4) in Australia

Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet (60tab, Pack of 4)

Xovak Pharma


Xovak Pharma

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length 3.5
width 3.5
height 7
weight 50
About Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet   Xovak Vitakyor ayurvedic medicine nutrition and supplement, multivitamins are used to provide “vitamins” that are not taken in through the diet, its treat vitamin deficiencies, helps in lack of vitamins, support bone health, increase calcium levels, promotes bone formation and strength to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss during menopause, “Vitamin B12” boosts energy levels, promotes DNA productional brain health, acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals, “Vitamin D3” increase calcium absorption, boosts immunity, detoxify your body, correct nutritional deficiencies, enhances eye health and improve skin health.Ingredients present in Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet  Amlaki Alasi Dhan Loha Bhasma Rakta Chandan   Benefits of Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet  It may help to support bone formation  It may help to maintain energy levels  It may help to enhance calcium absorption  It may help to support the immune system   Suggested Use of Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet Two tablets per day with milk or water is suggested   Precaution  If you are pregnant, lactating or nursing consult your doctor before the use  If you have any medical condition consult your healthcare professional before the use   Storage of Xovak Pharma Vitakyor Tablet  Store in a cool and dry place  Keep away from direct sunlight  Do not refrigerate                             

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