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Yugantar Muskmelon Seeds (300g)




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weight 300
About Yuantar Muskmelon SeedsWe at Yugantar herbs delievers you all natural and quality products.No artificial colour,fresh and pure. Yugantar is India's largest online selling brand in pure herb powders. Yugantar products are made out of best quality and authentic Ayurvedic herbs, available in India. These herbs are specially selected and manually graded to give best products. The quality and efficacy is 100% guaranteed. Please look out for our wide range of other pure herb powders.Ingredients of Yugantar Muskmelon SeedsMuskmelon SeedsBenefits / Uses of Yugantar Muskmelon Seeds it is rich in vitamins and protein it may help in weight management it may help to  manage the blood sugar levels it may help to manage the immune system it may help to maintain the heart healthDosage / How to use Yugantar Muskmelon SeedsRead the description on packaging or as directed by healthcare professionalPrecaution for Yugantar Muskmelon SeedsUse under medical supervisionDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of reach of childrenRead the label carefully before useStore in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat

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