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Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) (500g)




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About Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) Is Big Known For Its Sweet Taste And Distinctive Features. The Product Is Purely Natural And Chemical Free With No Impurities. It Is Considered As Medicinal Sugar & Includes Natural Honesty Of Minerals And Vitamins. There is presence of Sugarcane Extract Which is Hygienically Filled. Benefits/Uses of Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri)  Yugantar Rock Sugar Dhaga Mishri Helps to cure Stomachache (Pet Dard) with Neem Leaves. Yugantar Rock Sugar Dhaga Mishri is also helpful in Breathing Problem with Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) and Milk Cream (Malai).  Yugantar Rock Sugar Dhaga Mishri has been used in various Ayurvedic medicines and proved to be effective against cough. It helps in clearing cough and soothes the oral cavity. It also loosens up mucus and provides quick relief. Ingredients of Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) Dhaga Mishri (Rock Salt).Directions to use Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) As directed by your physician.Precautions to use Yugantar Rock Sugar (Dhaga Mishri) Store in a cool and dry place.

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