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Zindagi Natural Sweetner Erythritol Powder (400g, Pack of 2)




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Zindagi Natural Sweetner Erythritol PowderAbout Zindagi Natural Sweetner Erythritol PowderZindagi Erythritol is a natural zero calorie substitute of sugar. It is half as sweet as sugar in sweetness. You can use it exactly like sugar for cooking, baking and your beverages. It is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch into glucose, which is on its turn fermented into erythritol.It does not contain sucralose, dextose or lactose making it very safe for diabetics and weight watcher. It even caramelizes like sugar. However, the main difference in terms of taste is that erythritol can have a cooling effect in the mouth, similar to mint.Ingredients of Zindagi Natural Sweetener Erythritol PowderErythritol: Erythritol is a chemical compound that is used as food additive and sugar substitute. It tastes sweet and is similar as table sugar. It is in the form of white crystal granules and powder. It does  not affect glucose or insulin level in the body.Benefits of Zindagi Natural Sweetener Erythritol Powder It is low in calories that helps in weight management. Does not cause tooth decay. Safe for people with diabetes. Good substitute for sugar. High digestive tolerance.How to use Zindagi Natural Sweetener Erythritol Powder It can be used as a substitute of normal sugar in foods and beverages. Can be used in nutritional supplements too. 1 gm for every kilogram of body can be used daily.Precautions of Zindagi Natural Sweetener Erythritol PowderExcess gas and laxative effects are possible but can be handled by person normally. 

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