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Dark Forest Virgin Coconut Oil (200ml)
About Forest Virgin Coconut Oil Key Features Pure and Natural   Soft Skin Supple Lips  Smooth Heels Long & Strong Hair  Gentle & Natural Makeup RemoverDIRECTIONS FOR USE Massage OilUse as a body massage oil for both children and adults. You can blend 10 ml of Dark Forest Virgin Coconut Oil along with 1-2 drops essential oil of your choice. This can be used as massage oil for adults. Wash off with Dark Forest Glowing Skin Combo.Hair Oil As this is non-sticky you can oil your hair and keep it without washing day long. It will act as a protective coating for your hair and protect you from pollution and related damage. You can also oil your hair overnight or wash off after 30 minutes of oiling. Use Dark Forest Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Powder for best results.Body Oil /Moisturizer Dark Forest Virgin Coconut Oil can also be used as a body oil. Apply little of the oil on your body after a bath and see it absorb immediately into skin without any trace. Dark Forest Virgin Coconut Oil works as great as any moisturizer and that too without chemicals and preservatives.Makeup Remover Put a drop or two of Dark Forest Virgin Coconut Oil on cotton wool. Use it to remove makeup. Wash off with a good face wash. All types of makeup can be easily removed. Say goodbye to your chemical removers.
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