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Theralac Probiotic with Lacto Stim - 30 Billion CFUs (30 Capsules)
DIGESTIVE CARE with LactoStim.30 Billion Colonizing CFU/CapsulePatented Delivery and Stimulation5 Colonizing Strains2 Prebiotics
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Theralax TruFlora Probiotics + Enzymes - 15 Billion CFUs (32 Vegetable Capsules)
TruFlora ™ is a high potency probiotic with enzymes that is protected by Patented Formulation. These patents assure viable delivery through stomach acid and prebiotic stimulation with Lactostim™. Each batch is laboratory tested and guaranteed at time of expiration.
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Enzalas Probiotic Compatible Enzymes - Digestive Enzymes with EnzaStim (50 Capsules)
Probiotic Compatible EnzymesFor Digestive and Systemic HealthEnzalase® contains 12 digestive enzymes in a high potency, acid-proof, deep release formulation that is compatible with probiotics (patent pending).Enzalase® helps release prebiotics from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.EnzaStim® boosts the fat-digesting activity of Lipase.Enzalase® has been laboratory tested to meet strict quality control standards.
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