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Spearmint Puremints - Refreshing Spearmint with Green Tea, Parsley & Peppermint (1.76 Ounces)
100% Natural Refreshing Spearmint with Beneficial Herbs: Green Tea, Parsley and Peppermint Meltzer's Spearmint Puremint Pastilles combine real spearmint oil with our custom peppermint oil for a burst of cool freshness. Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles with a mint that contains real herbs and has healthy, beneficial value. Green tea, Parsely and Peppermint leaf renowned for healthy digestive support, round out of the formula.
Meltzers Mints
Ginger Puremints - Spicy Ginger with American, Korean & Tienchi Ginsengs (1.76 Ounces)
100% Natural. Spicy Ginger with the Beneficial Herbs American, Korean & Tienchi Ginsengs. 5% Gingerols Extract Meltzer's Ginger Puremints pastilles contain real ginger root, standardized to 5% gingerols. Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles by using healthy beneficial herbs - not just flavors. Made via supercritical extraction. Meltzer's ginger is extremely pure and very high quality. American , Tienchi and Korean ginsengs provide additional health and digestive benefits.
Meltzers Mints
Peppermint Puremints - Cool Peppermint with Parsley, Chlorella & Chamomile (1.76 Ounces)
100% Natural Cool Peppermint with the Beneficial Herbs: Parsley, Chlorella & Camomile Meltzer's Peppermint Puremints pastilles are deliciously minty and not over sweet. We feature our custom peppermint oil, grown in the fertile Pacific Northwest. Meltzer's reinvents natural pastilles by combining our peppermint oil with the healthy beneficial herbs chlorella, parsley and chamomile, herbs renowned for natrual healthy and digestive support
Meltzers Mints