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Amidren Hormone Support Complex (60 Tablets)
The once daily tablet formulated to help combat Andropause. Increase Testosterone ProductionMaintain Lean Muscle Mass and Decrease body fatHeighten Energy Levels, Sex Drive and Physical PerformanceAll men are affected by Adropause, the male version of Menopause as they age. Amidren is the first formula designed specifically for men to help combat some symptom of Andropause. Breakthrough research shows that the select ingredients used in Amidren may help combat some of the symptom of Andropause such as decrease sex drive, thinning hair, depression, increased body fat, low energy, loss of lean muscle and a decrease in bone mass. Formulated by specialists in the field of anti-aging and natural hormone modulation, Amidren has been carefully formulated by physicians to address Andropause using an advanced 5 stage Hormone Modulation approach to help you "Live at your peak"
Sera Pharma Amidren