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SSN 100% Whey Protein, 5 lb Chocolate
The SSN 100% Hardcore Whey is a health supplement specially formulated for body builders, athletes and physically-active individuals. This supplement is designed to help in your muscle development. It also helps in protein synthesis in your muscles and hydrates your muscle cells. Formulated with amino acids, this supplement can benefit your body and support your muscle function. It further helps in the proper functioning of your immune system that keeps you protected from harmful infections and bacteria. This supplement not only helps in providing you sufficient amount of nutrients required for the development of your lean muscles, but also supports proper functions of your muscles. It accelerates the time taken by your muscles to recover from soreness and fatigue after strenuous workouts. Intake of this supplement after your workout can act as a booster in meeting your nutritional needs and revamping your lost energy. It keeps you energized all day and increases your workout performance. So, keep your muscles lean and toned by having this SSN 100% Hardcore Whey regularly.