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Ceylon Cinnamon - Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels within Normal Range - 3,000 MG (16 Fl. Oz.)
STABILICINN (Cinnamon zeylanicum)3000mg of Ceylon CinnamonUse as part of your diet to help maintain a HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR LEVELSUPERIOR LIQUID FORMULATIONFaster absorption*Higher concentration*Maximum efficacy *Versus Pills or PowdersSTABILICINN ADVANTAGESABSORPTION + CONCENTRATION = MAXIMUM EFFICACY: A higher concentration of Ceylon Cinnamon in liquid format provides faster and stronger absorption (versus pills or powders), creating optimal potency.ALL NATURAL: All natural dietary supplement. No preservatives. No artificial coloring or flavors. No fillers.NEGLIGIBLE COUMARIN LEVEL: Ceylon cinnamon has negligible amount of coumarin (a potential liver toxin) versus common cinnamon (Cassia).TASTES DELICIOUS: Consumed straight or can add to beverages.OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED: Made with Ceylon cinnamon officially certified by the government of Sri Lanka.