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Anti-Blue Light Glasses - The Snatcher in Black Tie
Perfectly understated but never boring, THE SNATCHER IN BLACK TIE is a lightweight, squared-off frame with a slight cat eye peak. In translucent sea spray tint recyclable, BPA-free plastic with anti-blue light screen lens.
The Book Club
Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Grime in Banishment
A timeless shape in forever faithful polished black, GRIME IN BANISHMENT is the perfect daily face friend. In recyclable bpa-free material and finished with our anti-blue light lens coating, for screen use to alleviate up to 30% of blue light emitted from digital devices.
The Book Club
Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Prawn With The Grins
Not at all sarcastic or judgey, that grin is 100% joy directed right at you. A chunky catseye frame with cutaway detailing for a little drama, PRAWN WITH THE GRINS wants you to have a nice time looking chic in our beautiful combo of raspberry and clay recyclable, BPA-free material as a considerate option for our prawn-filled oceans. Available in our signature blue light filtering lens technology for more longer, easier and even more pointless screen scrolling.
The Book Club