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Dr. Odin Electric Ortho Neck Pad For Quick Pain Relief

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Dr. Odin Electric Ortho Neck Pad for Quick Pain Relief warms your body for efficient pain management. Localized application of heat dilates the blood vessels enhancing perfusion to the targeted tissue. This heating pad is one of the best source of relief for neck and cervical pains.

Applying heat can help reduce pain and strain or overexerted muscles. The most important aspect of heat therapy is its ability to increase blood flow to the painful areas. Heat opens up blood vessels, which allows blood and oxygen to flow more rapidly the sore areas. Heat therapy tends to reduce muscle spasms as well, causing the muscles, ligaments and tendons to relax.


  • Advanced neck pad that provides instant heat to affected areas
  • Crafted with a soft and skin-friendly fabric
  • Features two heat settings - low and high
  • Reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension
  • Soothes arthritis, muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain
  • Dual safety protection with thermostat acts as a deep muscle relaxer
    Technical specifications:
  • Inner fabric: Polyester
  • Outer fabric: Cotton
  • Protection: Fuse for high voltage
  • Power supply: AC 230 volts 50Hz
  • Wattage: 45/23 watts
  • Warranty: 12 months, against manufacturing defects only

How to Use?

  • Turn on the flap covering the socket on the gel and plug in the connector cord.
  • After switching on, a red light (indicator) starts immediately showing heating is in process.
  • Wait for the gel pad to reach the desired temperature. The heat pad is ready to use.

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