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Dr. Odin Electronic Personal Weighing Scale - Black

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Dr. Odin Electronic Personal Scale has a high precision strain gauge sensor that gives an accurate reading. This weighing scale is built with a thick and durable material which provides durability and years of fitness tracking. The display is large and easy-to-read while 4 sensor technology ensures accurate readings. Low battery indication lets you know when the batteries need attention.


  • Easy-to-read Display: Read measurements quickly and accurately with the clear LCD display
  • Auto-Power Off: The body fat analyzer has a feature of automatic power off of it is not being used for some time. This saves battery from getting unnecessarily wasted.
  • Digital LED Display: This product comes equipped with a digital LED display that makes it easier to read the results of the scale
  • 4 Sensor Technology: The electric weighing scale has a 4 sensor technology which helps to take proper readings of your weight without mistakes
  • Accurate Reading: This product helps to show readings which are largely accurate so that you can remain better informed about your health.
  • Error Indicator: There is also an error indicator in this machine in case there is some problem with the reading or the weighted item
  • Low Battery Indicator: This machine also has a low battery indicator so that you remain in the know for when the battery is running low so it can be recharged accordingly

How to Use?

Follow the instructions on the pack.