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Dr. Odin Fetal Doppler For Doctors And Mothers

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Dr. Odin Fetal Doppler For Doctors and Mothers is a hand-held ultrasound device that uses sound waves to listen to a fetal heartbeat. Enjoy the fantastic experience of hearing your baby's heartbeat with this efficient device. It brings you a clear sound of your baby's heartbeat.


  • Fetal doppler that gives you a clear sound of your baby's heartbeat
  • Professional device suitable for Gynecologist and easy to use for mothers at home
  • Provides you with a clear sound quality when used correctly
  • Bright display shows work parameter and fetal heart rate value
  • Can be used above 16 weeks of pregnancy


  • Automatic FHR detection
  • TFT display
  • Built-in speaker
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Variable volume control
  • Mini USB headphone
  • Socket rechargeable battery
  • Crystal clear sound

How to Use?

  • Ensure that the probe is in contact with your skin via using gel, oil or water to obtain an accurate fetal heart rate.
  • The normal heart rate of an unborn baby is approximately 120-160 bpm.
  • Fetal doppler is not a diagnostic device.
  • Contact your local doctor if you have any concerns.

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