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Dr. Odin Hot & Cool Gel Pack For Pain Relief, Designed For Hot & Cold Therapy

Dr. Odin


Dr. Odin

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Dr. Odin Hot & Cool Gel Pack For Pain Relief is designed to provide relief from pain and inflammation. This Hot & cool pack consists of non-toxic gel that radiates energy when chilled. It sustains chill for a long time. The gel remains flexible even when it is chill. The Hot & Cool pack is made of tough, leakage resistant flexible material. and remains flexible even after refrigeration or microwaving so that it can be placed comfortably on the body. A belted washable cotton cover with velcro strap makes it convenient for application.

This pack is a great way to give a hot fermentation treatment or a cold compress. Hot fermentation on an inflamed area can help relieve pain. It works well with pain-relieving medication to ease physical discomfort caused by injuries. Hot fermentation not only has a relaxing effect, it may also help the healing process. Using the hot and cold pack as a cool compress may help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as bleeding. A cool compress can also be used to lower body temperature when you have a fever. It is helpful in relieving injuries too. The gel pouch is made out of soft and flexible PU film, filled with a hydrophilic gel made out of edible polymers. This gel has high heat retention property.


  • Gel pack that can be used to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Can be microwaved and used as a hot pack
  • After refrigeration it makes a great cold compress
  • Made of tough, leak resistant flexible material
  • Contains a non-toxic, hydrophilic gel made of edible polymers
  • Fits comfortably over most areas of your body
  • Comes with a washable cotton strap to secure it in place
  • Remains flexible even when chilled; sustains chill for a long time
  • Portable, convenient and easy-to-use

How to Use?

As a cool compress: Place in a freezer at about 0 degree for a minimum of one hour. Remove and use immediately

As a hot pack: Heating can be in microwave oven or in boiling water.

Follow the instructions on the pack.

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