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Dr. Odin Manual Breast Pump With Lid, Bpa Free, 150ml

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Dr. Odin

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Manually operated and lightweight, Dr. Odin Manual Breast Pump with Lid, BPA Free is a practical and easy to use device. The advanced sealing air cushion fits perfectly to the mother's breast, stimulating and sealing the entrance of air, which allows a smooth fluid and painless extraction without any strokes. This breast pump allows you to inconspicuously express milk wherever you are.


  • Lightweight and compact breast pump that's easy to carry around
  • Manual breast pump designed for simplified usage and cleaning
  • Soft and comfortable breastshield to fit snug against breast
  • Features a 2 phase design for seamless stimulation and expression
  • Soundless device that facilitates silent and discreet pumping
  • Comes with a unique system for milk storage


  • Sealing DISC ring
  • Leak-proof bottle
  • Hood retaining cap
  • Premium quality nipple

How to Use?

  • Place the assembled breast shield on your breast.
  • Make sure the shield is centered over the nipple.
  • Begin pumping. It may take a couple of minutes for the milk to start flowing.
  • Once the milk is released, adjust the rate of pumping to make it inconsistent, similar to a baby's sucking motions.
  • Switch breasts about every five minutes. Make sure that each breast gets about 15 minutes of total stimulation