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Dr.Odin Anti-Bedsore Electric Portable Air Mattress comes with an air pump that provides sequential inflation and deflation of the air cells throughout the mattress forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure. The air pump operates quietly, vibration-free and energy-efficient. The mattress can be placed overtop an existing mattress. It is lightweight, portable and easy for transportation. It is ideal for use in home health care or nursing homes.

This anti-bedsore air mattresses provides relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bed rest, the alternating pressure mattress promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration.


  • Premium design: Best alternating pressure mattress with individual air bubbles for even support and weight displacement. Pad includes flaps that wrap around mattress for better stability.
  • PVC material: The material of the mattress is PVC which is non-toxic. This product comes with the adjustable pressure knob and has to be on 24 x 7 hours. ump can be mounted on the bed with built-in bracket.
  • Designed for comfort air cells: Each of the air cells alternately inflate and deflate to create a mattress surface that evenly distributes a patient or loved one's weight and eliminates pressure spots.
  • Quite Pressure Pump: Variable pressure pump is ultra quiet for restful sleep. Producing constant air flow, the variable pump offers multiple levels of pressure for a customizable experience. Each pressure cycle is approximately six minutes long.
  • Durable: Heavy-duty medical grade PVC will hold up to 150 kgs. This mattress does not contain latex.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mattress design: Bubble pad with end flaps
  • Size of the mattress: 220*90*7 cm
  • Power supply: 220-240V/ 50Hz
  • Material: PVC, non-toxic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Puncture repair kit: Included

How to Use?

  • Pump alternately inflates and deflates air cells.
  • Adjustable pressure knob and has to be on 24 x 7 hours.

Note: How to use instruction is available on the product manual, read first before using it

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