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Dr. Odin Premium Stethoscope With Chest Piece

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Dr. Odin

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Dr. Odin Premium Stethoscope with Chest Piece offers high acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance when doing general physical assessments. It features dual tunable diaphragms and an updated design that is easier to clean and maintain.This device is the latest version of the stethoscope that helps millions of medical professionals achieve their best.


  • Versatile design: Brass chestpiece and thick tubing provide you with the flexibility to hear full range of sounds and reliable acoustic performance.
  • Safety promise: Dr. Odin professional premium stethoscope is strictly clinically tested and certified, can be used with blood pressure cuff for medical and home use.


  • Diaphragm for monitoring low and high frequencies
  • High acoustic sensitivity
  • Stainless steel chestpiece
  • Brass frame

How to Use?

  • Position the diaphragm on the left upper part of the chest where the 4th to 6th ribs meet, almost directly under the breast.
  • Hold the stethoscope between your pointer and middle fingers and apply enough gentle pressure so that you don't hear your fingers rubbing together.
  • Listen to the heart for a full minute.