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Dr. Odin Reusable Hot And Cool Gel Bead Compress Soft And Flexible With Pouch And Belt

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Dr. Odin Reusable Hot and Cool Gel Bead Compress for Pain Relief is designed to provide relief from pain and inflammation. This Hot & cool pack consists of non-toxic gel that radiates energy when chilled. It sustains chill for a long time. The gel remains flexible even when it is chill. The Hot & Cool pack is made of tough, leakage resistant flexible material. and remains flexible even after refrigeration or microwaving so that it can be placed comfortably on the body. A belted washable cotton cover with velcro strap makes it convenient for application.

This pack is a great way to give a hot fermentation treatment or a cold compress. Hot fermentation on an inflamed area can help relieve pain. It works well with pain-relieving medication to ease physical discomfort caused by injuries. Hot fermentation not only has a relaxing effect, it may also help the healing process. Using the hot and cold pack as a cool compress may help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as bleeding. A cool compress can also be used to lower body temperature when you have a fever. It is helpful in relieving injuries too. The gel pouch is made out of soft and flexible PU film, filled with hydrophilic gel beads made out of edible polymers. These gel beads have high heat retention property.


  • Gel pack that can be used to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Can be microwaved and used as a hot pack
  • After refrigeration it makes a great cold compress
  • Made of tough, leak resistant flexible material
  • Contains non-toxic, hydrophilic gel beads made of edible polymers
  • Fits comfortably over most areas of your body
  • Comes with a washable cotton strap to secure it in place
  • Remains flexible even when chilled; sustains chill for a long time
  • Portable, convenient and easy-to-use

How to Use?

As a cool compress: Place in a freezer at about 0 degree for a minimum of one hour. Remove and use immediately

As a hot pack: Heating can be in microwave oven or in boiling water.

Follow the instructions on the pack.

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